iPlayer OS v1.2 & firmware v1.06

1. Add Korean to be a selectable language
2. Fix the bug which leads being unable to play next when screen is closed
3. Fix that some kind of TF cards (CLASS 6) could not be identified
4. Fix the display mistake of the interface menu

1. Upgrade iPlayer firmware support NDSi firmware 1.4
[Very Important for NDSi v1.4:]
If the NDSi firmware is v1.4, Please copy the upgrade firm into MicroSD. When NDSi screen display
" An error has occurred
Press and hold the POWER
Button to turn the system off
Please refer to the Nintendo DSi
Operations Manual for details."
*When this message displayed, please wait 2 mins, iPlayer is upgrading. (If turn off power at this moment, iPlayer will dead).
*After 2 mins, iPlayer is upgraded.

2. Added extra movie subtitle.
3. Added plugin for iPlayer CPU homebrew.

Supports all main video formats