iPlayer F A Q

Q:What is the advantage of iPlayer?

A:No Converting. No PC software, Easy use. iPlayer can play video directly without any converting through hardware decoding.

Q:What is Hardware decoding?

A:Because the hardware limitation of DS console, DS can't play video directly. iPlayer has a decode chip built-in. This chip provide the powerful multi-media function beyond the hardware limitation of DS console.

Q:What resolution does iPlayer support?

A:iPlayer can support 640 x 480 perfectly. Resolution out of this range, iPlayer can play it also, but we do not guarantee the fluency.

Q:What console does iPlayer support?


Q: What video format does iPlayer support?

A:iPlayer support almost all popular video format. AVI, RMVB, RM, FLV, ASF, MPG, WMV, MP3, include the DivX & XviD.

Q:What size of MicroSD does iPlayer support?

A:Up to 32GBytes.And support SDHC high speed MicroSD.

Q:How about the iPlayer power consumption?

A:iPlayer can play video more than 4 hours. Test environment: Brightness 2, volume biggest with earphone, NDSL.

Q: How to upgrade iPlayer to support DSi v1.4?

1. first of all, copy update.dat and _system folder to the MicroSD. This is upgrade file.
2. Insert MicroSD into iPlayer, insert iPlayer into DSi.
3. Turn on the power, click the iPlayer icon.
4. When a message display on the screen.
" An error has occurred
Press and hold the POWER
Button to turn the system off
Please refer to the Nintendo DSi
Operations Manual for details."
Wait 2 mins, iPlayer is upgrading. (Warning: If turn off power at this moment, iPlayer will dead).
5. After 2 mins, turn off the power. you can delete the update.dat file.
6. Turn on the power, iPlayer icon will change to another one, it's no problem, just click it and enjoy you iplayer.

Supports all main video formats